The Texas Foster Youth Justice Project helps current and former foster youth in Texas.   We help foster youth understand their legal rights.  We provide legal advice, assistance, guidance and representation in enforcing foster youth rights.  We also educate the general public about the legal needs and concerns of foster youth.

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Living with a Parent When Aging Out of Foster Care Information- Policy Change Update as of

November 25, 2014

NewLiving with a Parent- Policy change (advocate version)- updated Nov. 25, 2014

New Living with a Parent- Policy change (youth version)- updated Nov. 25, 2014


Medicaid Information

New Former Foster Care Children’s (FFCC) Program- Insurance for ages 18-25*

(updated August 2014)

New More Information on Healthcare for Former Texas Foster Youth



The Fourth edition of A Guide for Those “Aging Out” of Foster Care in Texas is now available!

The Fourth edition reflects the most recent changes to Texas law. You can download this guide for free and make copies. You can order free Fourth edition copies by contacting the project.  Thank you to the Texas Supreme Court’s Permanent Judicial Commission For Children, Youth & Families for paying for the publication of the guide. Take a look at the guide.

NOTE: You can order the Fourth Editions now!

* indicates a resource was developed by the Texas Foster Youth Justice Project, Texas RioGrande Legal Aid, Inc. or Texas C-Bar and 
that you are encouraged to download it, copy/reproduce it and distribute it.