Free Legal Help for Current and Former Foster Youth: 1-877-313-3688


Current and former foster youth can have difficult legal issues including:

  • Getting their identification documents
  • Accessing aged out foster youth Medicaid
  • Having a say in their medical treatment
  • Being able to attend court hearings
  • Getting to see siblings and be in touch with other family members
  • Criminal warrants for minor matters during their time in foster care
  • Clearing criminal and juvenile histories
  • Getting CPS records
  • Immigration and Citizenship issues
  • Accessing Foster Youth Benefits and Extended Foster Care
  • Name Changes
  • Education issues
  • And many, many more types of issues.

The Texas Foster Youth Project provides FREE legal support and guidance to current and former foster youth and those that work with them. It is a special project of Texas RioGrande Legal Aid, Inc. and serves the whole state of Texas.

The Project also publishes A Guide to “Aging Out” of Foster Care in Texas. You can access the guide here or you can order FREE print copies from the Project, here.

The Project provides FREE information, resources and presentations at events for foster youth and those who help them. Our interactive Foster Youth Jeopardy game covers important legal issues faced by youth.

If you want:

  • to get legal help
  • order copies of A Guide to “Aging Out” of Foster Care in Texas
  • ask the Project to attend an event, or
  • find out more about what we do

Contact us at or 877- 313-3688.

Download the Texas Foster Youth Justice Project Brochure*

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