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Resources List

Aging out of Foster Care

CPS Case Court Hearings
Benefits for Aged Out and Older Foster Youth
Getting Your History
Resources for Young Adults

Being in Foster Care

CPS Case Court Hearings
Your Rights in Foster Care
Not in Foster Care and Not With a Parent


Starting Your Own Business
Job Training, Readiness and help finding
Resources for Young Adults


Elementary, Middle and High School Resources
Higher Education Financial Assistance
General Education Resources


Starting Your Own Business
Financial Skills Online Training


Housing Resource Guides
Organizations to help with Housing

Legal Documents

Getting Your Texas State ID Card
Getting Your Driver’s License
Getting Your Social Security Card
Getting Your Birth Certificate
Getting your CPS records
Other Identification Documents Resources

Health Insurance/ Medical

Insurance for Aged Out Foster Youth
Extra Health Benefits
STAR Health Resources
Other Medical Resources
Foster Youth Medicaid Media Coverage


Family Resources
LGBTQ Resources
Domestic Violence Resources

Criminal Issues

Street Smarts Series (TRLA)
Youth Guide Series (TRLA)
Sealing/ Expunction of Criminal Records

Advocate Resources

Training Materials for Attorneys
CPS Case Court Hearings
Helping Youth Transition From Foster Care
Health Insurance Benefits for Aged Out and Older Foster Youth
Getting CPS Records
Criminal Issues
Youth Guide Series
Street Smarts Series
*Indicates a resource developed by the Texas Foster Youth Justice Project, Texas RioGrande Legal Aid, Inc. or Texas C-Bar. Please download, copy, and distribute. Complete Resource List